AI-Powered Email Drafting for Lawyers

Gretchen is the world’s first AI-powered email assistant built for lawyers. Save time and delight your clients with effortless email drafting from your inbox.

Respond To Clients Within Minutes

With the click of a button, Gretchen securely fetches the necessary information from any client document and instantly drafts a response to any email inquiry. All you have to do is review and send.

Grow Your Practice With Gretchen

Less time drafting responses to inquiries relating to past work means more time for higher value work and growing your practice.

Fully Integrated

Gretchen integrates with your email interface and your document management system so you don’t change your workflow. Just click a button in your email inbox and like magic a draft response appears.

100% Secure

For maximum security, Gretchen integrates with your document management system to ensure that no client documents are saved or stored outside of your existing systems.

You’re In Control

It's your reputation on the line. Gretchen provides the draft, you review the content. Nothing goes out without your approval. We make it easy by providing links to the relevant document sections.

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Generative AI

Built For Lawyers of All Types

Level the playing field with resources that make you as efficient as top-tier firms. Gretchen integrates with your current systems, so there's nothing new to learn. Begin with a breeze.

What our customers are saying ...

"Before Gretchen, I'd spend hours sifting through documents for client email responses. Now, with just a click, I have drafts that reference the exact clauses I need. It's transformed my practice."

Picture of Adam K, a Gretchen user who is providing a customer testimonial.
Adam K.
Family Lawyer, San Diego

"We're a mid-sized firm, often competing with the big players. Gretchen has been our secret weapon. Our team can now respond to client queries with the efficiency and precision of a top-tier firm."

Picture of Susan L, a Gretchen user who is providing a customer testimonial.
Susan L.
Corporate Lawyer, Minnesota

"Every lawyer knows the pain of drafting emails under time pressure. Gretchen alleviates that stress. The AI-driven references have been a game-changer, making it easy for me to find the information I need."

Picture of Carly E, a Gretchen user who is providing a customer testimonial.
Carly E.
IP Lawyer, Florida

Increase Your Efficiency With Generative AI

Gretchen harnesses the power of generative AI to solve a simple business problem faced by all lawyers. Personalized writing style and hyperlinks to client documents ensure maximum efficiency.

Instant Drafts

Draft email responses to client inquiries with the click of a button, saving hours of manual review and writing.

Seamless Integration

Gretchen pulls directly from your document management system, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Advanced Security

Our network isolation ensures that client data is never stored or logged, offering the highest level of security.

Personalized Tone

Gretchen adapts the tone of its draft email responses to your writing style to reduce the time you have to spend editing.


Simple Pricing

Our plans offer options for practices of all sizes. Plus, you can try our free plan to see if it's right for you.

$0 USD
Gmail or Outlook email add-on
Secure document management system integration
Email drafting personalization
10 free emails
$89 USD/mo
Gmail or Outlook email add-on
Secure document management system integration
Email drafting personalization
Up to 250 emails per month


Questions on your mind? We've got answers.

What is Gretchen?

Gretchen is an AI-powered email assistant that securely integrates with your document management system to streamline the process of drafting email responses to client inquiries relating to past work. With the click of a button, Gretchen can instantly reference any client document that you select and generate a draft email response to a client inquiry directly from your email inbox.

How does Gretchen ensure the confidentiality of my client documents?

Gretchen prioritizes data security. We use advanced encryption methods for data in transit and no client documents or data are stored on our end; they're processed in-memory and then immediately discarded. We run our AI language model on an isolated Azure cloud and none of your client data is used to train the model.

Can I customize or modify the generated email responses?

Absolutely! Gretchen's generated responses serve as a draft or starting point. You can review, modify, and tailor the response as you see fit before sending it to your client.

Which email platforms does Gretchen integrate with?

Gretchen is designed to seamlessly integrate with Gmail and Outlook. If you have other specific integration needs, please reach out, and we'll be happy to assist.

What document management systems does Gretchen integrate with? 

We currently integrate with Clio's document management system and we are actively working on adding new integrations. If you have a specific document management system that you would like us to add to our roadmap, please reach out to let us know.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about Gretchen, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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